Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Part 6 - Legend of the Hidden Bullshit (FINAL)

Part 6 - Legend of the Hidden Bullshit (FINAL)

We're almost to the end! If you're here you're about 98% through the hell. It's like the last few floors of Dante's Inferno, and like the last few floors of hell, these puzzle are quite a challenge. So here we go!
Go up the wooden contraption and you'll reach the top of the tower. Here's there are a whole gang bang of black and grey birds sitting in  a cube. In this puzzle, you're required to move the birds around till they are sorted according to the floor colors. It's like those irritating sliding puzzle from the boiler room before. 
(Btw I went all the way to the bloody beginning to find a picture I can use to show how the birds move cos it's bloody confusing but I think there's a bug in my game or something because I couldn't find jack shit. Sloth is fucking useless omg) Screw it, it's not a terribly hard puzzle so here's a my version of the answer
Yeah so move the birds around till they fit the pattern. It might take a while but you'll get there. It's quite problematic when the grey and black birds look almost bloody the same but what can you do? :/
Completing the puzzle will make the birds part and you can cross to the other side. (Side note: sometimes there's this bug where your item box on the top right will still remain an arrow for some reason, if so just save and go downstairs and come back up, the loading screen will fix the issue.)
On the other side of the birds there's a large black bird blocking the way. Easily move it out of the way by giving the bird the dog food you picked up before.


Basically you have to tilt your phone side to side to balance Alice on the rope to get to the other side. The controls are a piece of shit and I can't help you with this. It honestly took me 3 days and a friend to get to the other side the first time I played this game on my lousy old phone (did much better on my second playthrough though. 3rd try!) 

So try your best and have patience I guess? Wish you luck.
After you finally get to the other side you are confronted by a giant statue who reminds me of Olmec from Legend of the Hidden Temple. Looking at the statue will show you your final puzzle for this game. First things first, give the statue your dragonfly necklace

This one is quite tricky, and requires you to turn the rings until they fit together. If you walk allllllllllllllllll the way back to the beginning to talk to Sloth (which I did, so be thankful) you'll be given these hints.
Turn the rings according to the directions. If you make a mistake just click the gem to reset it. (Side note: on my second play through I encountered a problem where for some reason the outermost ring doesn't move at all. Not sure how to fix it cos I just used the previous save file of my first run instead but if get this problem and fixed it please tell me so I can add it here)
Once you've solved the puzzle the rings will glow bright blue and you'll be transported to the final cut scene of the Alice flying upwards into the sky.


The ending cut scene is nothing much, just the credits with good Spanish tunes. Although near the end you see the dragonflies emerge from the necklace and all of them flew back to where you found them throughout the game. Those little bastards! I wasted all my time finding you guys and then you had to fly back to where you came from again! 

But yeah, at the end, you see Alice asleep in her bed, because all of it was a dream.... OR IS IT? Who bloody knows.

Anyway, I really hope you enjoyed this walkthrough. I never made a walkthrough or guide before, and the only reason why I made this was because I angry that I couldn't find any great place to search for help on the internet. To be honest, despite all my ranting and cussing, it's a pretty solid game with unique puzzles, lovely music and beautiful watercolor-like game design. . It's no award winner in my book, and there's definitely things that could be better, but for a mobile game about a girl having an adventure in her dreams, it's pretty good.

I know there's a new extended version update recently with new puzzles but I'm not sure whether I want to restart my whole game just to do it. Maybe I will? Who knows. Well at least now if I'm stuck I'll always have a good place to find a walkthrough.

So thanks for stopping by guys. It's been a long time coming but I'm glad I finished this. Hope to see you soon!

PS: If you have any questions on a puzzle or don't understand what I've been writing feel free to tell me in the comments. (I can't help you much if it's a bug though, that you probably have to contact the developers)

Part 5 - Me sells seashells so I can get through door

Part 5 -  Me sells seashells so I can get through door

Sup. It's been a while. It's been 2 years since I first started this walkthrough, time sure flies! Between, schoolwork and projects and just plain un-interest to play this piece of shit for a game, I've been neglecting it for quite a while now. Surprisingly, I've yet to delete it of my phone. 

Also note that because I haven't played Rivers of Alice in a long time I might take a while to get used to the shitty mechanics again so if I end up picking random shit for no reason it's because of that.

Well let's continue shall we?

Last time we left off we just found the dragonfly inside the monster's lair. Now that we found it, leave the lair and return to the beach. At the beach you'll see the little boy fishing on the dock again, if you show him the seashell necklace he demanded in the last part, he'll just deny you and ask for a different set of shells on the necklace. What a little shithead. 

Go to the pile of sand near the dock and click the eye to get to the next puzzle. In this puzzle the brat wants you to pick out specific shells to replace the necklace. Why the hell couldn't he do it himself I have no idea. He's practically right next to it for Christ's sake. Urgh whatever. 

He gives you a drawing of the shells he want which aren't really helpful at all because most of the shells look almost the same. Here's a picture of the completed necklace for you to look at

The patterns are really similar but there are slight differences. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you look carefully.
 Once you finished the necklace give it to the boy and he'll give you the code so you can enter the door. The symbols are all weird but it's easy to solve by scrolling through each symbol. Here's the finished lock
Once you enter the code a cut scene of one of the dragonflies appear, flying into one of the magic mirrors. 
As you enter the new place you'll see a creepy statue next to 5 mirrors. Remember the creepy mask from part 4? Put the creepy mask on the creepy statue.

The creepy statue will come to life and grant you access to enter the mirrors. Also the mirrors sprout eyes. Disgusting.

So here's the tricky part. The mirrors will not allow you to enter while they are not looking at you, weird but true. A better explanation can be shown if you return to Sloth but for your sake here's the picture.

As you can see the mirror looking at you will grant you permission. So walk up to the mirror and wait, watch the eye movements and enter the mirror that's looking down at you. Not sure whether it's random or differs from player to player but get the correct one right and you'll enter an empty room with tiles.
This puzzle is one of the difficult ones. You need to step on the tiles according to the music played. It took a while for me to get it but here's a little cheat sheet I made to help you guys out.
Once you reach the other side you'll see two sleeping dogs. Give the dogs the stick you found at the beginning of the game and the dogs will leave. (i forgot to take a screenshot for this but i'm sure it's simple enough right?)
Pick up the dog food on the floor, you'll need it for later and finally use your necklace on the dragonfly near the gears! Hurrah another dragonfly has been found!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Part 4 - Shining towers, monsters and whatnots

Part 4 - Shining towers and whatnots

Sup dude, been a while! Here's part 4 of the River of Alice walkthrough. It's pretty long but whatever right? Playing the game again is such a chore *sigh*

Walk back towards the fire river and cross the bridge, you'll end up by a cliffside, facing 3 apartment buildings. And a another little boy. If you talk to him about the shell necklace, he'll say he has it, but of course he won't give it to you.

If you resisted the urge to kick the boy and steal the necklace, you'll find out that the boy's telescope is broken and he wants to fix it. Open your items and pass him the spectacles you should have picked up on the way. I have no idea how it would help him (the glass maybe?) but he'll pass you the necklace after that.

After the boy starts looking through the window, you'll find that the lights in the apartments can be turned on. And it's time to start on the next puzzle!

 Here's the things you'll get when you walk back to the snail sloth. The 3 antennae on the roof are switches. the first on moves through the window horizontally and the second one does it vertically. The third one switches the lights on and off. Follow the picture and switch on the lights in the windows in white. Not all the windows can be switch but that won't be an issue.

Here's a game view of the lights.

Now click the apartment door and head inside.

Now you'll enter a very factory like room. In this room (which looks like a boiler room of some sorts) there's one of the most difficult puzzles in the game, or at least from what I remember. 

But before we get to that puzzle we have to find some items first.

The first one is a handle underneath this panel on the floor that goes to nowhere.
The other is this tiny little pipe on the floor near the fan.
After getting these two items, you put the pipe in the blue circle (as shown in the pic) and the handle in the gears. If I remember correctly (which is probably wrong bcos i haven't played this in a while) you can now select the gears to make the door open.

There's one more important thing however, which is this panel with the red plus sign on it, which drives the fan on the floor. This is the problematic puzzle which I was talking about. 
If you went back to Mr Sloth to check, he'll give you this piece of useless crap
and a warning about the monster in the room
Yup there's an eye monster, guarding all the important shit in the room. Now the plan is according to Mr Sloth is to mist up the room using the fan in the boiler room. The monster isn't a problem though, he won't attack you but he will prevent you from going to get stuff in the back of the room.

Touching the lamp would result in a glitch because your character technically can't reach it because of the monster. If you touch it the game will hang and if you didn't save then gg to you, I'll see you at the beginning of this walkthrough.

Before you leave the monster to it's own business, pick up the handle near the entrance of the room.

Enter the boiler room and place the handle on the small pipe you placed in the wall before.
Now that the red handle is connected, select both the red and blue handles on the wall again and steam would appear from the vent on the floor.

Back to the annoying puzzle.

The thing about this puzzle is you have to slide the panels to the appropriate place to make it work. Because I'm a benevolent soul
and have free time to waste now that I'm on my holidays here's a clearer version of the puzzle
The numbers is the order the pieces have to move first, starting with 1 move the pieces according to the arrow. If you mess up, you probably have to click the arrow on the top right and start again. But hey, at least you don't have to go all the way back to that stupid sloth to know about this crap.

If you get it right, then hurrah, the fan will start moving. Now all you need to do is turn the red handles on the pipes to make the steam move towards the left room. It shouldn't be hard, you can see where the steam is coming from through the puffs of smoke that appear occasionally. But just in case it's too hard for you still, here's what Mr Sloth has for you.

And if you really don't know then here's my benevolent soul here to save the day

Now mist would appear coming out of the door, but before you go in, go back to the gears and close the doors. Wait until the windows turn white inside from the mist and then open it again.

You can now head inside.

Now this is the part where it gets stupid. You have to blow onto the fog to move it away, which is physically impossible for a skinny girl like her. But the stupid part is not that, it's the fact that the god forsaken buttons are so small!

tbh i don't even know where the buttons are. But there are 3 of them glowing somewhere on the floor. Here's the general location of where they are. Just find them, click on the mouth like the picture above and watch her blow.

Now you can finally touch the lamp at the corner. Make sure to save just in case though. Turn it off and a small thingy will drop from inside the lamp. It looks like a box of some sort. 

Take the box to the car door on the right of the monsters and use it on the car door. A creepy bird mask would drop out from the window. Pick it up. We need it later.

Now walk up to the glowing tire and use your necklace on it. Congratulations! You got your next dragonfly!