Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Part 5 - Me sells seashells so I can get through door

Part 5 -  Me sells seashells so I can get through door

Sup. It's been a while. It's been 2 years since I first started this walkthrough, time sure flies! Between, schoolwork and projects and just plain un-interest to play this piece of shit for a game, I've been neglecting it for quite a while now. Surprisingly, I've yet to delete it of my phone. 

Also note that because I haven't played Rivers of Alice in a long time I might take a while to get used to the shitty mechanics again so if I end up picking random shit for no reason it's because of that.

Well let's continue shall we?

Last time we left off we just found the dragonfly inside the monster's lair. Now that we found it, leave the lair and return to the beach. At the beach you'll see the little boy fishing on the dock again, if you show him the seashell necklace he demanded in the last part, he'll just deny you and ask for a different set of shells on the necklace. What a little shithead. 

Go to the pile of sand near the dock and click the eye to get to the next puzzle. In this puzzle the brat wants you to pick out specific shells to replace the necklace. Why the hell couldn't he do it himself I have no idea. He's practically right next to it for Christ's sake. Urgh whatever. 

He gives you a drawing of the shells he want which aren't really helpful at all because most of the shells look almost the same. Here's a picture of the completed necklace for you to look at

The patterns are really similar but there are slight differences. It shouldn't be a problem as long as you look carefully.
 Once you finished the necklace give it to the boy and he'll give you the code so you can enter the door. The symbols are all weird but it's easy to solve by scrolling through each symbol. Here's the finished lock
Once you enter the code a cut scene of one of the dragonflies appear, flying into one of the magic mirrors. 
As you enter the new place you'll see a creepy statue next to 5 mirrors. Remember the creepy mask from part 4? Put the creepy mask on the creepy statue.

The creepy statue will come to life and grant you access to enter the mirrors. Also the mirrors sprout eyes. Disgusting.

So here's the tricky part. The mirrors will not allow you to enter while they are not looking at you, weird but true. A better explanation can be shown if you return to Sloth but for your sake here's the picture.

As you can see the mirror looking at you will grant you permission. So walk up to the mirror and wait, watch the eye movements and enter the mirror that's looking down at you. Not sure whether it's random or differs from player to player but get the correct one right and you'll enter an empty room with tiles.
This puzzle is one of the difficult ones. You need to step on the tiles according to the music played. It took a while for me to get it but here's a little cheat sheet I made to help you guys out.
Once you reach the other side you'll see two sleeping dogs. Give the dogs the stick you found at the beginning of the game and the dogs will leave. (i forgot to take a screenshot for this but i'm sure it's simple enough right?)
Pick up the dog food on the floor, you'll need it for later and finally use your necklace on the dragonfly near the gears! Hurrah another dragonfly has been found!


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  2. The monkey music puzzle with blue tiles may not be correct. In my game it was →↓→↑↑↑→→ :)