Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Part 1 - Here we go!

River of Alice. It's a pretty bullshit game. Normally I would just go online and find a walkthrough for a game, but apparently this game is so horrible that no one decided to make one for it. It's not that the puzzles are hard, they're pretty straightforward, it's just that everything else is goddamn tedious and dumb crap that it make the puzzles look hard.

As a survivor of this horrible game (Yes I've completed this hell), I feel compelled to help the present and future victims of this aggravating creation. I'll show you all the hints, answers, and glitches to beware of in this little guide/rant of mine. I bold the important guide parts and underline the hints  so that if you're in a rush you can just read that part.

This is River of Alice.
The Walkthrough.

Part 1 - Introductions

After watching the long and pretty draggy cut scene of your main character Alice, you arrive at your first destination, the room by the river. It's your starting point, and, if you were as unfortunate to have to do the whole game without a guide, you'll be seeing this place a lot. 

The first puzzle is easy, and I shouldn't need to tell any of this to you, but I'll just write it out just in case.

1) Touch screen to continue
2) Tap anywhere to continue

3) Walk towards the right of the screen, you'll see this ugly looking....thing at the corner right. It's called Sloth, and it would be the only object that will give you clues in the game. You can only find him there, at the beginning, not anywhere else, so if you have any problems or questions from other maps, you'll have to go back to the beginning to ask him. Fortunately for you, this walkthrough will allow you to get all the answers without making that slow trip here and there.

Now Sloth, like his name, is a sleepy mthrfker, so we need to find a way to wake him up. Walk a bit to the left and you'll notice a stick that floated and stopped on the riverbed. Go pick that shit up.

You've now got a stick.

If you have noticed, items in this games are really tiny and unnoticeable, which makes life even worse. More so if you need a certain item to complete the puzzle. But I'll help you find them so no worries!

Back to Sloth,. Stupidly, poking the dumb thing with a stick is the only way to check whether it's alive, so walk back to it and open your inventory, using the stick on the creature.

4) Now talk to Sloth, they'll tell you that you need to get the necklace on the tree, so grab it and return back to him.

5) All the hints from Sloth will come as pictures. Useful only if you can actually understand them. They become easier to understand, but only after you have interacted with the puzzle and return to him again a certain amount of times. It's dumb, but that's the game. 

Talk to Sloth and he'll show you a picture of your necklace, a dragonfly emblem with 4 other dragonflies flying away from it. Apparently in the story the dragonflies on your necklace have escaped in your dream or something and you have to go find it. I don't really know the story behind everything so if I'm wrong whatever, but let's continue. 

Click on the big dragonfly picture. It'll separate into 4 pictures, showing the location of where the dragonflies went, and a big picture telling you to return the other 4 to the necklace.

7) Now follow the wind. Like the items, your walking button is small and very hard to see. However, a trick is if you tap your screen and hold for a moment, you'll see small white glowing spots appear which are the buttons you're allowed to press. MOST of them are fine to press, but sometimes there's glitches that show the button even though it shouldn't be there, which will hang your game if you pressed them. I'll tell you which ones are not safe when the time comes but for now they're all pressable.

Also, a nice reminder to you to save your game constantly. That save button is made for situations like that.

You'll also notice a book that sprouts from the ground. It's also suppose to be a hint of sorts, but they're put in a riddle or something and are pretty useless. Read them if you want but they aren't important.

8) Before you head out to the next map, walk over to your bedside table. There's a small object on the table, pick up the object and you'll see its a cup. It's going to be the important item you need to complete the next puzzle, in which many never figured out.

On towards the next map!

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  1. Thank you. I wish they'd invested half the resources they did on visuals and sounds into making an actual game.