Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Part 3 - Spidersand~ Spidersand~

Part 3 - Spidersand~ Spidersand~

Ey I'm back~! Work's been long and hard and replaying the whole game is a chore. But I'm here for the next part so let's get started!

Head back to this cave area, and you'll see a cut scene of you dragonfly lighting up the candles. Now with the lighted candles you're able to go further into the cave. 

So pick up a candle

   and head right.

The next part is a bit tricky. Now with the candle you're able to traverse the dark cave. In the darkness you'll see 2 paths, one with an arrow and one without an arrow. To get to the end of the cave, you must follow the path WITHOUT THE ARROW

Now if you get lost in the cave or accidentally click the wrong path then well... good luck to you. This puzzle was so easy I forgot to see what happens if you take the wrong route, though i'm pretty sure you'll start in the beginning again though.

When you reach the end of the correct path you'll see the exit of the cave. But before you leave to the next map, make sure you pick up the tiny object on the floor. It's a pair of spectacles. You'll need them for later.

A loading screen later and you'll end up at a pretty little beach, not before watching another short cut scene of the whereabouts f another blasted dragonfly, which flew off towards the tower in the distance.

If you talk to the boy, an continuously click on the picture with the cave, he'll tell you that you need sand to place in the hourglass to extend the spiderweb fixing game time. 
You can only get the sand in one general place which is right of the bridge so go over there and grab it.

Before you leave, talk to the boy about the other dragonfly. He'll tell you about the locked door and when you ask for the password, the little twat would ask you to go find his necklace. Ignore him after that and head back to the Spider cave.

Use the rock on the bees nest, and you'll see the bees slowly leave the nest and onto the web.

Now this part is all about timing.
Hide behind the large rock next to Anthea. When she's looking towards the web, hurry and click on the hourglass, and use the sand on it. You only have a moment to do so btw so do it quick.
Now you can do the spider puzzle. As you can see the increase of sand in the hourglass gives you ample time to solve this puzzle. Just connect all the red lines. From my gameplay, I didn't even need finish all the lines, as long as you finish most of them it should be fine.

And there you go! You've got your next dragonfly!


  1. I am playing the game for the first time and I had gone through it a little further. I'm stuck on the part with the skyscrapers where you need to press on them to turn the lights on and off, What should I do?

    1. You need to match the building lights to the star patterns. First star pattern for first building etc ...

    2. Thanks, I tried several times but nothing happened. Maybe you remember the right lights' subsequence?

  2. So...I have been struggling with the sliding puzzle in the boiler room. Any tips?? Thanks!!

    1. Me too, it's driving me crazy! We know the solution, but getting it to match up is impossible. Hope someone who's figured out a trick can share it here.

    2. i have put up the answers to that part of the game you can go check it out:)